Stop Foreclosure Assistance

You have not gone to school to study law on your own; and since stopping foreclosure is virtually impossible without the help of a professional lawyer, you might want to consider that thought more seriously.

What’s more, you may need professional credit counseling if you are going to stop foreclosure. You are in luck; the internet is full of free credit counseling services these days, put in place specifically for people like you, who are having trouble dealing with a bad mortgage situation.

You are even mandated to complete a series of sessions of credit counseling before you can file for bankruptcy these days. The reason behind this is that while legal counsel provides you with your legal options, credit counseling gives you your credit alternatives for how you may beat a foreclosure rap. Sincerely, it is not an option; you should do it already.

Seeking stop foreclosure assistance is not complete until you have tried to get some other forms of credit to help with your situation. As a matter of fact, you may want to contemplate approaching your original lender first. Ask them for a refinance or continuance on your old loan, or something; tell them you have financial issues and you need a bit of a break. And then, if they are not forthcoming, you may want to consider talking to another credit institution, perhaps about a debt consolidation or something of that nature.

If that also fails, try looking for an independent investor who cares enough about you to bail you out, either by a loan, by buying your home out from you, or by buying the mortgage loan you took. Either of these options should stop a foreclosure dead in its tracks.

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