Personal Injury Suits – 3 Litigation Options to Discuss With Your Lawyer

Suffering pain from an injury, affecting the one’s standard of living, spending time at home to recover, receiving astronomical bills from the hospital are the reasons why you would want to talk to a professional lawyer about your accident. Bills are not going to pay themselves unless you seek justice from the insurance company or from the party that caused the suffering.

Wikipedia defines litigation as “the conduct of a lawsuit,” thus meaning that when you go to litigation you go to trial. The process requires lots of formalities to complete, that is why many times we cannot go into court to defend ourselves. Therefore, you have 3 options when it comes to personal injury suits to discuss with you lawyer.

1. Mediation

You can picture mediation as this: a brother and a sister is sat down at the table by their parents and are forced to work it out. Except in the real world common law system, the parent is actually a skilled mediator that takes a neutral stance and is able to guide the volunteered parties that have a conflict through to try to reach an agreement in what may seem like a guided brainstorming session.

Each party may also have a lawyer. This method is non-binding, until both parties agree to the terms that is put down on paper and sign it. Either party can walk away at anytime.

2. Arbitration

Arbitration, on the other hand, is a more serious process of mediation. The two disputing parties are sat down in an outside of court like setting, and present their arguments. Arbitration is sometimes binding and sometimes non-binding, and is entered in voluntarily or mandatory (usually based on contract dispute that states conflict must be resolved in arbitration).

3. Trial

The third option fo talk to your lawyer, is his view on trial and if that would be the best option given the facts and the evidence available.