Do Small Businesses Need a Team of Professional Lawyers and Accountants

Many non-profit groups that help small businesses, employ assistance of professionals as part of their consultations with small business people. Unfortunately, often the small business people think that business is about laws, regulations, lawyers, accountants, banks and other professionals – it isn’t. Small business is about customer service, networking, community involvement and making money.

Business at the local level is not about wasting money on legal folks, or professional parasites, nor is their advice always as worthy as you might think it is. In fact, all the regulations and barriers that are put in place by these very professionals – are a lot about what is causing the high small business failures. How, by siphoning off their capital and causing unnecessary expenses in the beginning of the business.

This is not to say that a small business should not properly incorporate and be wise with other things like insurance and smart business loans, but often these professionals continue to over sell the small businesses things they do not need.

Although in the current paradigm these professional are a necessary evil, one must remember that many of these professional parasites are the problem, not the solution. If the regulations in our nation at all levels of government were reduced then these parasites would have no home and the success rates of small business people would go way up.

Small business owners could use some help with information and systems to help them set up in advance to “by-pass” these professionals where they can, things like pre-set up documents, plans, and information, because that is power, to help these small business people. So often the professionals hide this information and hold it for ransom.

You know, despite the fact that I am jaded against some professional parasites, there are other professionals that are not so bad. For instance accountants and CPAs, still we must realize that they are only needed because our nation has botched the tax code, if it were fixed then things would be much simpler of course.